The Power of Hype

Hype, Buzz, Press, Boost, Plug, Talk - all powerful words for advertisers. The old adage says that talk is cheap, and we concur. In fact, the best talk is free! Getting it, however, is another story.

Take the democrats. For the past few nights they've been buzzing away in Denver. They're hyping themselves up and they hope to be hyping the rest of the country too, all for their candidate (who's already the nominee for all intents and purposes). It's really a formality, a tradition, that means nothing but free campaign advertising. With over 50,000 in attendance each night and millions of Americans watching on TV - all major networks mind you, they capitalize on the news coverage by touching over 21 million households. Even more (26 million) tuned in to see Hillary Clinton appear (and the democrats claim party unity, funny.)

No matter which side of the aisle you're on, this type of press is something money cannot buy. There's much to be learned by business owners if they closely watch politicians at work campaigning. Next time you see, hear or read a story covering a candidate running for office, zero-in and scrutinize what's really at the root. If you're keen, you'll see how there's room for everyone in-the-know to work the system, and create the much-desired buzz.