The power of the media

The press can work for you or against you – just depends on the media outlet, your position and your relationship to the press.  It’s our goal to help you position yourself, and your company, around media sources that will be of benefit to growing your business and getting the word out.

Currently, we are actively drafting press releases for a client on a monthly basis. It’s been six months or so since we began the program which includes a monthly newsworthy event, activity, or milestone, that’s written about in a press release and issued to the local media. Since inception, this program has helped the client get FREE, yes, that’s right, FREE exposure to the local market. This exposure has come via TV news magazine interviews, community news magazine feature articles, a Publix magazine story, and more.

What’s most important about all this is that while the FREE exposure is a great product of the strategy, the regularity of the campaigns creates a familiarity with the media (or should I say them with you). Once the movers & shakers in the press (both print and electronic), know your name, you become the local expert in your field. Why’s that important? Whenever the media is doing a story, say… about computer repair… they’ll know who to call for input and quotes to add to the story.

There’s nothing quite like news coverage to validate a business, and a business professional. Consumers believe what they read in the paper, or see on TV. Why shouldn’t your company be the one they see most often?

Interested in getting a campaign started? Contact Inspired 2 Design for more info on public relations as a means to promote your business – especially at a time when saving money is very politically correct.

Happy Fall!