Microwave Marketing

It’s been a few days since Thanksgiving, and although everyone left the table “stuffed”, we still had tons of leftovers. I’m guessing you can probably relate. What to do when you just can’t look at another plate of microwaved mashed potatoes and stuffing?  Capitalizing on leftovers in new creative ways has been the subject of books, magazines, cooking shows, internet sites… you name it! But what about your marketing?

Are you reheating leftover promotions – just one more run of 1000 business cards? Are you snacking on that same stale display ad? Renewing that billboard contract – for another 6 months or, worse… another year?  Are you…Microwaving Your Marketing?

Just as leftover Thanksgiving turkey has been remastered over the years, your marketing also needs to be reviewed periodically for freshness. Now while we at I2D are sticklers for promoting brand consistency, that’s never to be at the expense of blending-in with the wallpaper.  People are creatures of habit. If your advertising is part of that habit, it’s like driving to work and trying to remember if you’d locked the front door. When you do something over and over, or see the same thing over and over, it becomes just background noise.

Just take a little extra time before reordering that printed material, before clicking “Send” on your Email  newsletter, before signing off on the contract renewal. Take a few minutes to step back from your desk, and really look at what you’re about to do to market your business. These days, it’s tough enough to drive customers to your company. So, taking the time to really look at your creative, your message, your medium, and your overall marketing plan makes more sense than ever.

Don't get leftover laziness, breathe new life into your marketing efforts! Call Inspired 2 Design before setting the timer on your Microwave Marketing ... we're here to help!