Business Startups are Still Going Strong

A recent survey done by an online payroll service found that 87% of small business owners would do it again if they had to, despite the current economic challenges. That number is huge, and encouraging for anyone out there that's been on the fence considering the very idea of going it alone. Now may be the very best time to become that entrepreneur you may have dreamed about.

At Inspired 2 Design, we're seeing more and more new companies getting started, and getting serious about making it work. Although the news every day brings more and more sad stories about companies that are closing their doors, there are still many success stories that don''t make the front page.

If you have considered starting a company, keep a few things in mind:

1. Research your product or service
2. Research your target market
3. Be solvent (don't go into massive debt)
4. Be aggressive with your marketing
5. There are lots of deals out there. Be wary, not every one is right for you

Another interesting statistic this survey found was that 67% of the respondents started their businesses because they wanted the freedom that comes with self-employment.  That freedom still exists even in the current environment. You'll just need to be cautious and daring at the same time. We've had three new companies beginning their branding efforts just in the past two weeks, and we've had a few more looking to revise their logos and identity into a more professional and polished (albeit final) direction. People are still going into business; businesses are still successfully doing what they do; you can be one of those people owning and operating your own company!

The downturn won't last forever, so get ready to make your move in the next 6 months. Inspired 2 Design is here to help small business owners get started with their branding efforts and marketing plans. We're also a part of a five company team that offers small business owners free advice, and support - visit and for more info. Get up and get going!