Customer Value

What’s the value of a customer or client to your business? Does a customer have a different value depending upon what stage of the sale you’re in with him? Do you even consider a customer to be a customer before a purchase is even made?

We do.

At the absolute, very-most point of initial contact, the “prospect” is treated like a lifelong, valued client (and yes, I know – “very-most” is not really an English phrase)… But, when are you and your staff placing value on a contact as if that contact were already a client? Are you even before the check clears?

What value do you place on that initial contact? Where is your initial contact and have you walked through your own steps of contacting your company and dealing with your customer service? If you haven’t, you may be surprised.

Why does it matter?

Because your prospects matter, and because if you want these prospects to become customers, you need to treat them respectfully right from the start, and value them as you would your very best customer – your very best customer.

So, how do you do that?

First, Google your keywords/phrases. If you come up, great! (If not, call us)… otherwise, click on your website link, and go through the motions that your prospect would. Go on and follow it through the point of contact – call or email your business. (Oh, make sure you can actually find out HOW to contact your business on your website – surprising how many companies don’t make it easy for prospects to contact them…). So, let’s say you do make the connection. How does your staff respond? How quickly? Have you been feeling as though you’ve been treated as a value to your company? If not, change things.

After that initial contact, does your company follow through?  We do.

And how quickly, accurately and respectfully does your staff follow up? Are they lacking some fundamental training, or is customer service just not intrinsic to your business?

The thing is, you don’t have any idea whether your next prospect has $100  or $100,000 to spend at your company, but what’s the difference? Both of those scenarios are valuable to your business’ success! That $100 client may have hundreds of friends who all need your service, they may be the best and easiest to work with, whereas the $100 grand client could be a nightmare on steroids – costing you more in sleep than their account is worth. Regardless… they both bring value to the table, so value each and every contact, each and every prospect, and each and every customer… your business depends on it.