Everybody COMBO

Combinations drive success - just look at history: burger and fries, pencil and paper, hammer and nails, car and driver, vodka and orange juice, Abbott and Costello...you get the picture. Marketing success depends upon the combination of advertising tools used to reach an audience with a message, communicate what you want them to do, and convince them to do it.

Your marketing mix should be well-conceived and well-planned. It also needs to be worthy of your commitment. You will not be successful if you switch in and out of media, mailings, and messages. Careful planning and scheduling of each tool is key, tracking sales is critical, and periodic review is smart. Just one note, no one tool does it all. Even when it comes to numbers and tracking success. For example, someone sees your ad in the newspaper and considers your company. They visit your website, then they ask a friend who recommends you. When they purchase you ask (as you always should), "How did you hear about us?" Their response (typically) "From a friend." You cannot possibly know that your other forms of marketing instigated the transaction and take the real credit for the sale. Take a look at this mix:

  • Word of Mouth (asking for and rewarding referrals)
  • Internet (website, area events, links/resources, photos, SEO, SEM, Email newsletters, blog)
  • Events (sponsoring on site, hosting a booth or participating off site)
  • Networking (via local Chamber of Commerce groups)
  • Print media (postcards and flyers)
  • Publication ads (local newspaper and magazine)
  • Direct mail (co-joined)
  • Yellow Pages
  • Press Releases (monthly)
  • Promotional products (magnets)
  • Other industry specific associations

This illustrates a good plan. To date, the marketing efforts is paying off big in word of mouth and internet response. Many of the other tools are new additions and just beginning to bring in customers. The key is consistency and commitment. Each and every advertisement being used by this client consistently reflects the brand image of their company. And the best part is that this mix is very affordable. Some of these tools are even ... FREE ! Take a good long look at your current marketing and ask yourself:

  1. Do I have a plan?
  2. Am I committed to my plan?
  3. When was the last time I evaluated the effectiveness of my marketing?
  4. When was the last time I updated my plan to focus on the effective tools?
  5. Do I need help?
  6. Why haven't I called Inspired 2 Design?
  7. Did I know that Inspired 2 Design offers a FREE consultation?

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