Marketing Message RECEIVED! Copywriting is key to success

Copywriting is one of the most important parts of an advertisement, website or marketing piece. The goal is to communicate a message, and what better way to say what you mean, than to just say it! I'm oversimplifying it of course, but while many styles of copywriting exist, there are definite rules to follow when drafting marketing copy or content.

One standard copywriting formula is AIDA which means that copy should attract ATTENTION, spark an INTEREST, create a DESIRE and result in some type of ACTION. This formula is great, but when you write your copy, you may be convinced the copy you've just penned is attention grabbing, interesting and instilling the reader to want and act. That's why this formula is just a basis for other rules of copywriting.

Before you put the pen to the paper (or the fingers to the keyboard), you have to understand the product or service you're writing about. Research and testing are critical to gaining the needed information to write copy that really does fit the AIDA model.

When reviewing a product or service, start by identifying the benefits in order of importance. Make note of the features as well. When writing copy, write to the level of understanding of the target audience (not too advanced or too simple). State the offer clearly, and state the call-to-action even more clearly. Check your copy throughout the process to ensure each line, each word choice is creating value and holding interest. Remember to call out important information, quotes, price points, and write headlines and subheads to break up long paragraphs, attract attention, and simplify the readability of the piece. Check the writing style of all the parts of a direct mail package, all the pages of a website, and all the panels of a brochure - confirm there's consistency in the voice, flow and feel of these areas.

Copywriting is as much a science as it is an art-form. It takes experience, training, and talent to write copy and content that drives, moves and sells. Inspired 2 Design