Choosing the right website design company

Would you buy a car based soley on cost? How about a house? How about your business location, office or storefront? While price is a driving factor in many of the buying decisions we make each and every day, when it comes to what's really important - your home, transportation, and livelihood - we tend to put price where it belongs...on the list of secondary considerations.  The deal makers, or breakers, for big decisions tend to include quality, reliability, availability, ROI, and personal preference.

So… when it comes to your business, your livelihood, your dream… when do you make a purchase decision based solely on price?  Well, when all else is equal, or when all primary requirements have been met.  The old adage “You get what you pay for” applies today more than ever. Competition in every market is fierce, and as an entrepreneur, you must protect yourself from bad decisions that will cost you today… or tomorrow.

In today’s service industry, how often do you suppose you’ll come across a situation where “all else is equal”?

That’s why we caution small business owners to really do their homework when it comes to hiring a website design and development company. It seems like this area, more than any other in the advertising and marketing field, is flooded with website wannabees. Whether you pay a company up front or not really isn’t the worst of it. You could be waiting weeks, or months, for your cost-effective solution to deliver this very important marketing tool for your business. But forget the scare-tactics. Let’s say you find an available company whose track record shows they are reliable and knowledgeable, are you ready now to make a decision based solely on price? Maybe, but maybe not.

Don’t forget to consider the other primary decision factors: ROI and personal preference. You may start with a low price, but find later that all the features you wanted, or needed, or thought you were getting, weren’t included in the base price. Or you may find that your new website looks incredibly similar to another one you’ve seen. Or, worst yet, your website doesn’t convert visitors to sales prospects… EEK.  That’s why Inspired 2 Design has created an overview of our website design and development benefits that help prospective clients make decisions based on more than just price, because no matter what you might think, all else is NOT equal in the area of website development companies.

Check out the Inspired 2 Design Advantage on our website, and if nothing else, get a grasp of some of the things you should be looking for in a website design company.  Call us for a free estimate on your project, and you’ll be amazed at how much value there is in choosing a company that’s dedicated to making professional design and development affordable and successful for small businesses.