Logo Services

Here’s an FYI, if you have a logo that’s been done for your company, and you either:

1. Feel it needs some updating (Coca-Cola, Walmart, Starbucks etc.) all have updated their logo to keep up with the times and trends, or

2. Never received all the files you needed from your designer (you need an .eps file and a high res jpg at the very least), or

3. Created the logo yourself, and really always planned to have a professional one designed, or

4. Don’t have a logo mark or slogan/tagline to brand your company…

Now may be just the time to take care of issues like these. Your company, no matter how big or how small, will benefit from creating, nurturing, and promoting a brand identity. If you aren’t using your logo on EVERYTHING you put out there…you’re missing out. Inspired 2 Design can help you get your existing logo updated, formatted, and polished for use in putting your company’s best face forward.

And if you have a logo and haven’t had it federally protected under U.S. Copyright law… contact Brad Crose at Crose Law. He’s an attorney who specializes in trademarks, copyrights and patents.