What's in a Name?

A rose by any other name... will not smell as sweet. Sorry Bill. When you're thinking of creating a personal brand or branding your new company, product line, service pack, or individual product or service, the name is the most important phase of your branding process.

While there is no carved in stone procedure for developing and finalizing a name, there are some very important things to keep in mind:

1. Be EEE-Z.
Easy to say. Easy to spell. Easy to remember.

2. Accentuate the Positive.
Just don’t use negatives.

3. Check the dot-com.
Is it available?

4. Don’t insult anyone.
If it’s even a remote chance, don’t.

5. Don’t be narrow-minded.
Keep the name broad for future growth.

6. Cute doesn’t sell everything.
It doesn’t have to rhyme, but should be clever.

7. Check Legalities.
Can you get federal trademark protection?

8. Opinions?
NOT! Resist the urge to ask for votes from friends and relatives.

9. Tools?
YES. Use online thesaurus, dictionaries, word lists, and keyword tools.

10. Make it last.
Your name is important to the success of your product, service, or company. Plan on keeping it for a long time as you develop your personal or business brand identity and watch it come alive if you’ve captured the essence of your company’s personality.

Get your name right the first time, rebranding is a difficult and painful process that can set you back months or years. Take the time to research, concept, test, concept, test. Decide!

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