Be Productive, B.E. Productive - in marketing as in all things

Don't you just love the way cheerleaders can make anything sound good!?  Over the summer of 2010 a wise young man said to a fellow teenager: BE Productive. Don't just stay up late, sleep in, eat junk food and watch TV. He said... BE Productive, B-E Productive... just like a cheerleader!  Being productive in all things is good advice. Being productive in your company branding and business marketing is just... well... good business!


Here are 6 Ways to B-E Productive with your Business Marketing:

1. BE Yourself: Natural is more profitable than synthetic. Regardless of the economy of organic products, all natural, low fat, 100% etc., additives that aren't inherent are not good for you and aren't good for your business in the long run. Watering down your product or service, adding fillers to your customer service, cheapening your employee relations, may look good in the short run, but long term these shortcuts will cost your business. Natural flows and is easy to maintain. When developing your branding, don't try to be something that you're not, and don't bite off more than you can chew.

2. BE Involved: Be the company that's buzzed about by getting involved around town: at your local Chamber of Commerce, Business Association, Volunteer and Civic Groups, Churches, Schools... etc. By being active in your community, you make it easy for people to recognize you, talk about you, and become interested in your business, products and services - then when a need arises, you're the first person on their minds.

3. BE Heard: Get social and get to sharing the expertise you have gained over the years as an student, employee, entrepreneur, volunteer, etc. By sharing your stories, your experiences and your knowledge on your own website by use of a blog, and on social media websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc. you not only build inbound links to your website, you actively participate in the online community. Ask and answer questions, comment on other blog posts, share insight with readers through your own blog. And lastly, but very important, write and share articles on article websites keeping a short, descriptive, keyword rich bio with a link back to your website intact. Re-purpose content and cross-link your content for the most effective use of your info.

4. BE Prepared: Create your unique selling proposition (position, or point), your "head & shoulders" above the rest benefit. Think through, write down, edit, rethink, rework, and refine your point of difference, your competitive advantage and put it to words in both a 30 and 60 second introduction so when people ask you what you do, you can be prepared to get their attention. Of course, it's not all about you, so always be prepared and ready to ask questions of people that you meet. Getting others in business to talk about themselves helps you to realize their pains and provide them with solutions. Be prepared to answer questions about your business in short, cognitive ways that make for good conversation.

5. BE Presentable: Always be professional. Always check your humor at the door of a business meeting. Always yield the floor when asked. Always use your manners (and if you don't have any, BORROW SOME). Make your appearances appear in line with your brand.

6. BE Price Aware: Perception is key - yours about your product or service/your prospects about the value you provide.  Do some market research, compare brands, prices, availability between your brand and others in the same market. Ask questions of your current customers and clients to determine what makes your brand stand out in their minds, and hope their answer is not PRICE alone. Competing solely on price is for commodities only! Make your product and service stand out and you'll be able to compete on perceived value, not bottom line.

Wondering what that teenager did all summer  now that school is back in session?  After hearing all the ways to B.E. Productive in the real world, what would you have done all summer?