Content is KING

Web content is critical. Why? Well first of all, it's the meat and potatoes of your website. Web content tells people (whether they're current customers or prospects) who you are, what you do, and how you do it - and really good content tells them what you can do for them compelling them to make the next move (call to action). But this post is not supposed to be a lesson on persuasive or advertising copy, it's about why website content is critical.

The actual words used on your website must come together into a concise, cohesive and readable group of sentences and paragraphs all designed to sell your service or product. Your content is not only critical to the reader, but also to the search engines. Take a few minutes to review our posts on SEO for more information on keyword rich content. A website with poorly constructed content is not effective in communicating your message, and after all, isn't that what sales, marketing and advertising is all about? Good design and great pictures are never enough to motivate people. Communication is the reason you develop a website in the first place and your website content is the key to communicating to the world that you are:

  • A real business
  • Who has a solution to their problem (whether you serve or sell)
  • Which has a perceived value associated with it
  • That the visitor needs to have and can easily get

Business content is different that personal correspondence. Business blogging is different than personal blogging. Your business identity is critical to the success of your business, and you develop or destroy your identity with every marketing piece you publish. Your website is no exception. Bottom line advice: craft content that is relevant, original, and current to who you are and what you do. Hire a professional to draft copy that paints a verbal picture of your business and your identity, and which represents you and your business in an accurate, salable manner. We know a few excellent and professional writers who can create moving, motivating and exceptionally well-written content for your website, brochure, catalog, or other marketing piece.

Do yourself a favor and hand this one off to the pros, call us at 770-781-3452 to discuss your project, or check out one of these pros, Tom Johnson at Content Creations, here at his website. Inspired 2 Design, LLC