Name Calling

The very first step in creating a brand image/identity is selecting the name of your company, product or service. When you choose a name for a child or even a pet, you sound out different names that have a “nice ring” to them, or which have a positive connotation in your mind.

Your company name should be both simple, and memorable; but most importantly, should be unique to your business or product. The shorter the better, in fact. These days, you must also consider matching your company name to a website URL for ease of locating you online, and for brand recognition and consistency. Check the names you’re considering online to see if the .com is available. Second to .com is .net.

You may also want to consult an attorney at this point to research the availability and uniqueness of your choice and to copy protect your intellectual property by filing a trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Avoid at all costs, names that have particular meaning to you, and you alone. By no means should you need to explain what your name means or how to pronounce it. Make your name easy to pronounce, and totally recognizable as uniquely you.

Branding is critical to companies who want to succeed in their industry by gaining an edge over the competition. Developing and maintaining a powerful brand allows a you to gain market share, and helps to deter price wars as a distinction between products and services.

Building your brand is essential for the success of businesses big and small, and it all starts with a little name calling. Inspired 2 Design can help you start up your business with an identity that fits your style, your goals and your budget.