From concept to reality - I2D does that too?

I2D has had the pleasure of working with a local company to bring a new product to retail store shelves. One of the first displays went into stores this week! The Frosty Towel is a very cool (pun intended), product that’s the perfect take-along to ball games, beach outings, picnics, festivals, or for when you’re just home working outdoors. The parent company, A Quiver Full, brings products to market for inventors and helps companies get the packaging, marketing, positioning and production going.


While we’ve helped A Quiver Full get their websites updated, their vendor pricing sheets streamlined, their tradeshow info set to go, and their collateral produced, we’ve recently added 3-D modeling to the list. The image here shows the original retail in-store packaging and merchandising concept that we created (along with the backboard graphics), and a photograph of the final endcap/standalone display that is now in Gate Petroleum convenience stores (over 225 stores in six southeast states including Georgia and Florida).

Display ConceptToInStoreDisplay

From concept to reality, having a lifelike depiction of a product, invention, or retail packaging and shelf display can make the difference in positioning your new product in an actual selling environment. Contact Inspired 2 Design for more details on bringing your product, invention or idea to market.