How to do a GRAND opening

A grand opening should be just that… GRAND. It’s not your soft opening, it’s not your reception party, it’s your coming out party! It’s your first chance at really shining in your business. Here are some thoughts:




Leave yourself enough time to prepare, order, print, market, invite, and really make the day (or night) a stand-out event.

Marketing Ideas for your GRAND opening:
1. Take pictures of your place and send to the media with your press kit (which includes more than your press release).
2. Design and print formal invitations for the media, the chamber of commerce, the local government representatives and local clubs and organizations, your business neighbors and networking partners, your banker, your employees’ families, your local fusion marketing partners, your suppliers and your friends/families – and other VIPs.
3. Print signs and fliers – and post around town where your target market shops or visits.
4. Advertise – in the local newspaper at least 2-3 weeks before and up until the event.
5. Visit neighboring businesses and ask them to post your info in exchange for posting theirs.
6. Blog about it. Get socially networked, and get W-O-M marketing going for you!
7. Hit the local directories and events calendars online. Get your word out wherever you can.

Event Ideas for your GRAND opening:
1. Food – if you feed them, they will come.
2. Workshops – if you teach them, they will come.
3. Decorations – if you WOW them, they will come.
4. Giveaways – if you bribe them, they will come.

Other Ideas for your GRAND opening:
1. Sell history? – have employees, neighbors and friends in period costumes.
2. Sell art? – have artists painting and signing pieces.
3. Sell makeup? – have demonstrations.

Reminders for your GRAND opening:
1. Get help before the event – you only get one chance to make that ever coveted first impression, so call professional help: a graphic designer to design the marketing, a caterer for the food, a decorator for balloons, flowers etc.
2. Get help the day of the event- make sure every visitor leaves with a great impression because they didn’t have to wait!
3. Take pictures – add to your website, blog and send out with a press release after the event.
4. Get names – capture every visitor’s email and mailing address to build your list.
5. Get feedback – ask people what they think and write it down.
6. Have fun! After all, that’s why you are in business for yourself!

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