Tacky Wax

Ever see tacky wax? Even know what it is?

In the ancient days of graphic design BEFORE computers, (yes there was a time when we did things manually)... tacky wax was used to hold graphical elements in place on a mechanical board. The wax was similar to a glue, but allowed repositioning of the type or image. Forms of tacky wax are still used in making stained glass, and other creative arts... even advertising.

But for this application, consider tacky wax as a process, not a physical thing you can roll up in a ball and flick or throw at someone. Tacky wax in this case refers to a company which "tacks" itself onto the advertisement or promotional piece designed and very often, paid for by another company. We're not talking about cooperative advertisement where it's clear that two companies or more are sharing ad space to promote, but just plain tacky.  Take those 'free" business cards for instance (you know the ones with the great big ad on the back), if you are serious about being in business, be serious about your marketing and promotion.

If you haven't seen signs of this around town, be on the lookout. It's out there. Be wary, and don't let companies stick to you, no matter how free the service or product is.  Inspired 2 Design wants to talk to you about your company's marketing. Call or contact us for a FREE consultation - and that's 1 full hour talking about your company. FREE (period) 770-781-3452.