Tough times call for tough faith

As fear grips many Americans today in the face of rising prices, higher unemployment, bank failures, and gas shortages, there is much to be said for moving forward and onward with our lives in an ordinary way despite extraordinary circumstances. While the financial times are tough, there’s no doubt, there are unique opportunities created by them.

Opportunities for personal growth through self-control, family togetherness through cooperative reliance, increased faith through trust in God, more joy through returning to the basics in life, even improved financial status through selective spending and debt reduction. All of these things can be the result of looking at the current situation through not rose colored glasses, but through clear eyes. Take for instance the credit freeze, what better way to reduce Americans need for living beyond their means – for making purchases based on true need and not just desire. And what better time to take your spending to local companies, people just like you and me who are struggling to make it a go with a small business.

It’s a great time for families to sit down at meals together, home cooking can return to the family table as gas prices and shortages force people to reconsider that trip through the drive-thru. Families and neighbors will need to rely on each other for support and encouragement more than ever. What better time to meet your neighbors, to have a cookout or block party and get to know the folks right next door. What better time to reach out to God in prayer and ask Him to consider our nation and our own situations, putting our future in His hands, and trusting Him to provide as His Word says He will. And what better time to express our faith through optimism and joy as we talk to others.

Rather than cower in fear at the times we’re facing, rather than look to one man who may be elected president in a month as the changeling or savior for it all, rather than stay hold-up, worried and afraid to spend a dollar to support a local business, put your faith and trust in God and look for the positive ways to get through these tough times. This is the United States of America, where “In God We Trust”, and we will get through this as a nation, and as families, friends, coworkers, and business associates.