B2B Opportunity in Cherokee County

There's a new opportunity in town for Cherokee county companies who sell directly to other businesses.

There's a new opportunity in town for Cherokee county companies who sell directly to other businesses. The owners of A Towne Lake, Sixes, East Cherokee, and Woodstock welcome have started a new marketing arm called A B2B Welcome - Cherokee Edition, and if you haven't heard of their service, you're missing out.

The idea is so simple, so basic. The company has welcomers, salespeople, who go out and visit new homeowners, and now new businesses, in Canton, Woodstock, Towne Lake, and the Sixes area, (B2B covers Holly Springs and unincorporated Cherokee county too). These welcomers bring a book filled with business cards, and coupons, from local companies - like yours! And they sit down face-to-face with the homeowner, or business owner, to talk about the businesses in the book, ask questions and gather information for you.

If you sell directly to consumers, and if new homeowners are a good market for you, you need to contact Barbara or Jen over at 3PC, Inc. If you're a business owner selling services and products to other business owners, especially new ones who haven't yet established their list of vendors... then contact Barbara and Jen. Their office number is 770-592-5009.

What a great concept! Also, each area's book is exclusive, so you're the only dentist, pest control, PC repair, etc in the book for that area...). You'll also get a report with the contact information and notes for each and every home, or business, that was visited - so you're growing an instant mailing/prospect list. You can follow up by mail, phone, in person, or even email in some cases. Priceless info, locally based, personable, two way communication with your target market. And you can keep running your business...a great opportunity, that's affordable too, so contact Barbara or Jen today.

Inspired 2 Design is happy to recommend viable marketing avenues via our blog. Keep in mind that not all advertising methods work for all businesses, and each company's needs, goals, and target market is unique. If you have questions about whether a marketing opportunity may be right for your business, call us 770-781-3452.