5 Reasons NOT to listen to Kudzu

In response to Kudzu’s piece on 5 reasons why you should build your own business website with WordPress, we thought it only prudent to let our readers know why that’s absolutely the WORST advice.  The intro to Susan’s article reads as so:

“You need a business website to market your products and services, but you don’t have the money to invest in an ad agency to help you build and maintain a website from scratch.  What can you do?”

She says it’s “Simple!”

We say “Think again!” or maybe just… “THINK!”

While there's absolutely no offense directed toward the author of this piece... we just felt the need to present the other side of the coin:

5 Reasons Why NOT to build your own website using Wordpress or other DIY tool:

Reason 1. It's Free
Poor excuse... Some of it is free, but you still need to host your files, and have an email account set up. And don't go using those subdomains. That's no way to build a credible business presence! Watch out for FREE and LOW COST hosting. Typically that means SLOW hosting, or Banner AD city! You still -even in 2009 - get what you pay for.

Reason 2. Creating a Unique Design doesn't have to cost a fortune
At least she got the "unique design" right. You do want a unique design for your website. The worst thing you can do is to pull a canned template off the shelf and put your name on it, not in business. Stay away from the FREE stuff. And to be honest, you should double think any of the premium templates, unless you have a qualified designer work the template to fit your brand, your message and your target audience. Just because I can draw up a plan for my new house, doesn't make me an architect. Be smart and bring in someone who knows how to combine color, graphic elements, navigation, and apply the right code so all the pieces work together seamlessly. Even with Wordpress, you need to bring in a pro - you can do it, but like Home Depot, we can help.

Reason 3. Even the Technically Illiterate Can Maintain a Website Created with Wordpress.org
In a matter of speaking, this is true. But, do you know which widgets, plugins, and updates you need or should have? Sure, the "technically illiterate" can add posts, but they're not in any way, shape or form, "maintaining" their site. They're just updating it. The best advice in the article was to pickup Wordpress for Dummies... Wow.

Reason 4. You can Add a Blog and Boost Your Search Traffic, Incoming Links, and More!
You can? Gee, I thought Wordpress was a blog! And you're going to do all that with a blog... amazing. First, you need to understand how search engines work, you also need to know what search terms/phrases your customers are searching, and then you need to consistently enter relevant content into your blog... among other things. And inbound links don't just appear. Like Magic! POOF! No, you need to go out and post on other blogs, building links by referencing your own blog entries. By getting involved in the social mediasphere, you can do many things to promote your website. But make sure you're bringing visitors to a clean, quick, and marketable website. After all, don't you clean your house before the guests arrive?

5. There is a Wealth of Online Support Available to Help When You Have Questions or Problems with Your Site. Sure, and there are tons of books and online information on how to fix my car's transmission, but that doesn't mean I'm out there doing it. I guess the part that really amazes me about this type of advice to business owners is that it's so fool-hearted. THIS IS YOUR BUSINESS FOLKS! Here's a link to read the original article if you'd like. We're  just not sure why people:

a. Lessen the importance of your website to your business success by recommending DIY solutions. b. Lessen the impact you need to capture a visitor. You have about 7 seconds until they decide to stay and click or leave. c. Lessen the importance of brand consistency to your customers. d. Think that a website is unaffordable. Especially when you look at the years of return possible from a website vs. say, a newspaper ad. e. Think that business owners have the time to do it all. How many hats can we possibly wear? That's the I2D take! Call us for a quote, you'll be surprised at what a professional web design team can do for you.