Is your business "making it through the rain"?

On this wet and dreary morning, twenty three local business owners from around Cherokee County gathered for breakfast, and for networking. They made it through the rain to a weekly networking meeting to share what their business offers, to learn about other businesses, and to help insure that their business continues to function and grow despite the current economic conditions.

So…the question bears repeating, “what is your business doing to make it through the rain?” Are you sitting back waiting for the phone to ring, or are you calling a business associate and inviting him/her to meet for lunch? Are you waiting for a sunny day, or are you donning your rain gear to get out and shake hands with other business owners? Are you doing the same old advertising, or are you trying out creative campaigns? Has it been more than 45 days since you added content to your website, or do you even have one? Do you call it SpaceBook or MyFace? Are you scratching your head at that one?

All kidding aside, “the times, they are a changing” as Bob Dylan sang years ago, and the world hasn’t stopped spinning yet. If it’s been a while since you attended a local business group (leads/referral, or community association), it’s time to dust off the business cards. If you don’t know what social media can mean to your business or if you thing a blog is some creature from a bad 1950s horror flick, it’s time to get caught up. If you’re relying on a website that your nephew built back in the late 1990′s or worse, don’t have one at all, it’s time to get going.rainbow

In order to weather the storm that hasn’t cleared just yet, and come out fresh and “green” with a growing, thriving business, you’re going to have to not step, but JUMP, out of your comfort zone and get with it. Hats off to the 23 that showed up today. Interested? Find out more about the Southeast Cherokee Business Network and its referral meeting today.


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