Day 2 of a New Year!

Whew! Today was a flurry - literally! Awoke to the first snowy ground in a very very long time! The office was a flurry of activity too, as we prepared our first Georigal marketing effort - a postcard mailing to go out tomorrow, and we continued working on our revamped website.

Today's work involved updating copy, keywords and metatags. We've changed a bit since our beginnings in 2005 so the copy that was on the website was a little outdated. We've learned a lot more about SEO as well, so making our new website more search engine friendly was a goal today too. There are so many really good SEO tools out there that enable us to really make sure the websites we create are search engine friendly and the experience we're gathering over the years is so valuable to our clients.

It takes time to work out the content to be people friendly and valuable, while making sure it's attractive to the search engines. Page rank is so important to a website's visibility. Be clear though, we don't do SEO for the search engines alone. We do it so people can find the websites we build for our clients. Be on the lookout here in the I2D blog for some really good instructional How-To on adding a logo signature to all of your outgoing emails. We get a lot of requests for this one, and soon we're going to reveal the secret! Check back with us in the next couple of days. Inspired 2 Design, LLC