Why your website design matters

Before you read this post, answer yes to at least three of the following 3 questions:

- Are you a business owner?

- Are you in business to make money?

- Have you ever used the internet to find, research or decide upon a company, product or service?

Now that that’s settled. Of course if you’re a business owner you’re in it for the money first (if you said no to that question, you’d better be a dot org, or in need of serious meds). Of course if you’re a business owner in the market to make money, you’ve utilized the internet to help you make a decision about a purchase (whether for your business or for your personal use) – or come on out from under that rock and buy an IPhone or something…

Think back to the last time you used the web to help you determine the best match for what you were seeking. You probably looked at a few websites, and from the general look, information, navigatability (did I make that word up? Guess not, spell check didn’t flag it!)… availability, and price – made a decision to go to the next step (call, email, order, sign up… ).

What’s the difference between a website that converts visitors to take the next step and a website that doesn’t? Well, it could be the load time, functionality, even the site’s spelling. But most likely, it’s the entire experience that makes the visitor convert.

Again, if you’re in business to make money… which you said you were and that’s why you’re still reading… you may have begun developing a brand for your product or service. That’s good. Now, does your website speak to your brand, gloss over your brand, or does it reek your brand? Does your website appeal to your target (you know the folks you expect will buy from you based on your extensive market research)? Does your website capture the visitor through color, balance, typography, use of imagery, and functionality? Does your website work as hard as you do at selling?

See that’s the real difference between having a website design, and just having a website — selling.  That’s what makes a template just another website amid millions, and a custom designed website a reflection of your brand – design. The difference between a cheap website and a valuable website is marketing experience on the part of your designer (that means don’t call out the Geek Squad to handle your advertising, folks. And a website is advertising – make no mistake about it).

So, if you’ve built a website upon the sand with your own hand, or if you’ve built it with sticks instead of bricks, it’s time to call on a professional marketer, one with experience in bringing products to market, one who knows how to bring a visitor to your website via proper search engine optimization, and then convert that visitor through design.

Why does your website design matter? Because you’re in business to make money, and the companies making money invest in their brand, their marketing and their company by building the best possible support team.