Business Cards

What is it about business cards? All of a sudden business card business is booming! Apparently there's a boom of new companies starting up (new year, new venture?).

Just some info on cards in general:

1. Make it interesting!

2. Make it readable!

3. Include all contact info: Name, Phone, Email, Address, Fax and yes WEBSITE URL/address.

4. Include your logo, and your color scheme. Even the smallest business can be successfully branded.

5. Use both sides of the card! It doesn’t cost much more and often can be quite useful for practical info, appointment setting, calendars, menus, services, even just a cool logo treatment.

6. Use color or be purposeful when you don’t use color.

7. Get your cards PROFESSIONALLY printed, and not by the Free companies that post their logo on YOUR card.

8. Make sure one side at least has a surface you can write notes on.

9. Hand them out, include in correspondence, use them!!! Always print more than you think you’ll need.

Inspired 2 Design, LLC