Timely Tidbits of Marketing Wisdom

- Marketing is a long-term investment in the future health of your business.

- Only successful companies are marketing, struggling and failing businesses don’t have the funds to invest.

- In 2006 the AVERAGE business reinvested 4% of their gross revenue into marketing.  Statistics show that the AVERAGE business goes out of business in 5 years.  So… do you really want to be AVERAGE?

- It takes 27 exposures to get someone to buy from you.
A person must notice your marketing nine times before buying, and since a person only notices you once out of every three exposures, therefore… it takes 27 exposures to make an impact.

- Do something that’s “never been done” to stand out.  One example, use 15 stamps to make up 42 cents of postage on a direct mail piece, instead of just one stamp.

- As a small business owner, you are always “on”.  You are always projecting yourself in as positive a way as possible at every point of contact.  So… make every message you send an “INTENTIONAL” one.  Be aware that unintentional messages may be the wrong message.

-Why should you be concerned with the quality of your advertising graphics?  Because first impressions are lasting impressions, and because appearances are important in your marketing, your store, your personnel.

-What’s the lifelong value of a customer?  Answer this question so you how much to spend to
1. Gain a new customer; and 2. Keep one.

Timely marketing tidbits make nutritious business food for thought.