Article Marketing

If you've ever considered yourself an expert at ANYTHING, you may find a great tool for marketing your business, or your business website, through writing articles. Your experiences, your education, your expertise are all worthy of the pen (or keyboard) and profitable in many ways.

Take for instance you're a dentist, and you have a website for your dental office. If you seriously want to drive traffic to your site, write about what you know. Then post the resulting articles and informational pieces to article sites, business journals, insurance company newsletters, even to your own site. The keywords generated are just one benefit for search engine optimization, the content is super valuable to Google and the like - not to mention the folks who are researching a particular procedure, or device, and the backlinks you generate from outside sources to your site are invaluable. For each article you write, be sure to add your professional Bio with a link back to your website. Then whenever a person reprints your article your bio (and link) stay intact.

Expert authors and professionals are often consulted as sources for newspaper and magazine articles. Just keep in mind to PROOFREAD your work, make sure it's free of grammatical and spelling errors. Make sure it's relevant, terse and timely!

Your articles make excellent handouts to new patients, customers, prospective clients, and business associates. Keep quality reprints on hand and in your company packet. You can also compile your articles for a company newsletter -- whether print or electronic. They also make great blog entries! Article marketing is a great way to boost traffic, boost confidence, and ultimately, boost business. Inspired 2 Design, LLC