Article Marketing Continued

It occurred to us that you may not have a good handle on where exactly to post your articles for marketing purposes.

One place for sure is to utilize your own website, check our Article page here.

Here's a list of article sites that are free for posting. Check them out yourself to ensure the site is offering quality content and isn't just a glorified link farm:


Each site will have different requirements for posting. Some will have a good spell check, others not. Some have word or character limits, some not. Some allow HTML code, some not. Some strip the code, some don't. Your best bet is to take your article into Notepad and save it out as a .txt file with no formatting or code. Write your bio in a separate file, and use the two to upload quickly to each site. You'll also need to create an account on a good article site. If they don't ask for your info, I'd leave it. There's tons out there.

Some of the article sites also offer very good statistics on your article's hits, uses etc. And some offer a reciprocal link graphic for you to use on your site - "Featured Author" type stuff. Your use of these bells and whistles aren't necessary for successful article marketing. Good Luck! Inspired 2 Design, LLC