Event Marketing

Hosting or sponsoring events is a fantastic way of keeping in touch with existing contacts and for making new ones. When you look at the cost of hosting an open house, seminar, sporting event, or party, and the buzz it can create in the marketplace, it's a surefire advertising method that's sadly too often overlooked. Of course, you need to make your event relevant to your target market or you're just wasting time and money. Here are some other event marketing ideas, and their benefits -- tailor your events to your business, market, and overall marketing strategy:

  • Community events: create customer loyalty, sends the right message, demonstrates civic involvement, accomplishes a good thing.
  • Shopping Events: target specific customers, they arrive in a spending mindset - and invite friends.
  • "A Night at the ...": movies, bowling, carnival, circus, opera, theater, target specific customers or groups, can be a fundraising event, free event, event with purchase, very customizable.
  • Festivals: whether you celebrate a season, a wine or food, or just fun for families, festival marketing opens doors for your company to shine in a new light in your community.
  • "An Evening with..." an actor, writer, singer, musician, businessman, local DJ, sports figure, or group. Smaller venue market, by invitation only - exclusivity, builds a brand of high level connections people want to be a part of.

Seek out co-sponsors and donations of goods or services from contacts. This will not only cut your costs, but it strengthens relationships. Don't forget to brand your event to coincide with your company's existing brand. When planning an event, keep track of costs and be ready with a follow-up campaign for converting the leads into sales. Done correctly by planning and executing well, event marketing can have a great impact on your company's lead generation and sales figures. Inspired 2 Design, LLC