Top 5 Holiday Greeting Card Tips and Traps

Now that you’ve decided to go ahead and send out those greeting cards to business associate, clients, prospects and networking contacts, you’ve got to keep in mind there are ground rules. After all, this is business… that’s why Inspired 2 Design has put together this list of the Top 5 Tips (and Traps) for selecting, addressing, and sending cards for business.

Trap: Nothing says “our company can’t meet a deadline” like sending out a holiday greeting card AFTER the holiday. Be mindful of the USPS’s delivery dates, and the destinations you’re mailing to.
Tip: Bear on the side of early rather than late, and get the cards out right after Thanksgiving… If you miss Christmas, send out a Happy New Year card instead. This holds true for other occasions as well. If you’re sending out birthday, anniversary or other occasion cards to clients and prospects, be on top of your game, and get the dates right!

2. Happy Holidays??
Trap: We’re a Christian company, so we send out Christmas Cards.
Tip: Not all of your clients and contacts celebrate Christmas, so select the appropriate card for the recipient. Showing respect for what others believe, or don’t believe, doesn’t mean you agree. It just means you’re aware of what is important to them. And after all, isn’t that what rests at the heart of customer service?

3. A Penny Saved…
Trap: We’ll save a little on the card stock, because postage is a bear!
Tip: A Penny Saved is NOT a Penny Earned. While you don’t necessarily need to spend hundreds on custom engraved stationery, you do need to match the selection of your cards to your brand. So if you’re looking to damage your upscale brand, go cheap on the cards. By the same token, if you’re a value-branded company and customers see you as the low price leader, don’t by any means go out and spend a fortune… clients view that as wasteful. Quality is key no matter what your brand messaging is.

4. Return to Sender
Trap: A return address is an extra step, meaning more time and more effort.
Tip: Get your money’s worth out of that first-class stamp! If one of the contacts you’re mailing to has moved, or closed, having your address clearly indicated in the return address area of the envelope will insure you have the right information to update your mailing list. This may save you even more money in the future if you do additional mailings in the new year. Plus, a relocation gives you a great reason to pay a sales call to the company.

5. A Social Call
Trap: Since I’m mailing this out anyway, why not throw in a coupon or sales flier?
Tip: RESIST the urge to mingle business with business on this one! Remember this is a social visit. Co-mingling sales tactics will show your true motives to the prospect or client. Be genuine when sending a greeting card and keep it social. This rule applies to birthday, anniversary, and especially to thank you, sympathy and get well cards. Keep it happy, keep it light. There is no better way to turn that smile into a frown than having a piece of advertising fall out of a greeting card!

For additional marketing ideas, call on Inspired 2 Design. With over 25 years experience in advertising, we help clients make the most of every opportunity to grow their businesses through effective and affordable marketing. Happy Holidays!