SEO – Search Engine Optimization 2.0c

Your interest in SEO is wise. It's always a good idea to do some research before spending money on something - especially when you're not really up to date on a subject. We look to the big names in SEO for information ourselves, and we direct our clients to take the time to get educated. Here's what Google has to say about SEO and hiring an SEO company.

And here's what Yahoo! considers as the criteria for a search engine friendly site vs a site that's likely to be blacklisted or banned. Whatever you decide about optimizing your website, decide to do SOMETHING. Don't make the mistake of creating a dynamic, informative, well-designed and creative website, and then just leave it to chance.

Do the research and get educated. Then talk to a couple of different companies about what they'd do to improve your page ranking and search engine friendliness. In the end, hire a reputable company who utilizes ethical practices. Price is not the only criteria, but you should think of SEO as part of your annual marketing budget. Call Inspired 2 Design 770-781-3452, or contact us by Email for more information and a FREE consultation. Inspired 2 Design, LLC