SEO Quick Tips

When optimizing a website for search engines, there are a few things you have to keep in mind:

- People don’t have time for wild goose chases! Make sure you’re optimizing for what your site really is about and that your metatags reflect the page contents.
- Unique content is KING! Make it relevant, and please, make it original!! Don’t duplicate the same meta info on every page, since every page is different. Take the narrow road and do it right.
- Don’t go overboard! Use the best keyphrases and limit the number. Don’t diffuse your effectiveness. Which keywords? Call us, we’ll do an evaluation for you.


Need more help? Inbound links are the way to get better page ranking AND targeted traffic. Remember that it doesn’t really matter much how many people visit your site, it’s what they do there that pays the bills.
- Inbound links from RELEVANT sites are like votes for your website.
- You only want links from TRUSTWORTHY sites! Avoid link exchanges!
- Be careful of directories that accept every single free link they receive
- Start a blog… I can’t stress that enough. Call us, we’ll add one to your site for you!


Remember this, super important fact…it doesn’t matter if you rank for your company name!!! How many times people tell us that their web developer did SEO and they come up number one on Google for “My
Widgets Inc”.   Big Deal! If people knew your name, they wouldn’t need to Google you now would they?


The Inspired 2 Design Team