Make Your Website Interactive - Add Content

Marketing via your website can be one of the most unique and creative opportunities to advertise your business. By consistently adding new and fun ways for visitors to benefit from your website, you not only gain a loyal audience (and more customers), you attract the search engines. Search engine marketing doesn’t have to be just technical mumbo jumbo.

Spark it up with some inspired design! Here are some inspired ways to add fresh and relevant content to your website, while at the same time, offering must-have information to customers and prospects. Look for our upcoming articles and Ebook outlining specific ideas on each topic below and more ideas.

  • Add an Event Calendar
  • Start a Blog or Forum
  • Solve Problems
  • Write Articles
  • Be the Expert
  • Include FAQs
  • Review Products
  • Offer Quick Tips
  • Try Photo Essays

Inspired 2 Design advises all our clients that SEO is important. Couple that with quality, useful and relevant information and searchers will click through to your site, become visitors who return, and convert into a sale. More to come on SEO and content specifically over the next few weeks. Check back with us. Inspired 2 Design, LLC