10 Promotion Ideas for Advertising

Promotion is not the same as advertising, but it does fall under the realm of Marketing. Over this weekend, we attended a community fair in the town of Ball Ground, and lots of businesses took advantage of the opportunity to touch hundreds, perhaps even a thousand or so consumers from around the area for the mere cost of $35, and a day spent in the fresh air and sunshine. Is this Marketing? For sure! Is it Advertising, sort of... It really falls under the heading Promotion (typically less expensive than advertising and involves more time). Advertising in this case would have involved maybe sponsoring the event so your name is on all the ads for the event. Citrus Solutions handed out hundreds of free carpet spot remover samples and talk to people about their product, and their process - a fantastic promotional opportunity for their business. Here are 10 great ways to promote your business:
  1. Contests: people love to WIN stuff - enough said!
  2. Demonstrations: host a free how-to class for the community. For instance, we went out for ice cream at the Frosty Frog Creamery this weekend in Hickory Flat, and immediately the kids asked "Well, how do you make ice cream?" Perfect!
  3. Seminars: a more classroom type demonstration for businesses to instruct other businesses.
  4. Parties: host a grand opening, anniversary party, or a wine tasting party to introduce a new menu...get creative!
  5. Give Samples or offer a Free Trial: eliminates risk for the purchaser. For food businesses, samples are easy! For other companies, a Free Trial works. Recently we went out to dinner and I asked the waitress to recommend a dish. She did an said if I didn't like it, she'd bring me something else. Well, unfortunately I didn't care for the dish, but a new meal came out quickly and was on the house!.
  6. Write Articles: you're an expert in your field, so share your knowledge and become a community source for information. We do... check our websites Articles page - easier, check the blog archives!
  7. Make a Speech: again, if you're the expert, share it with others.
  8. Giveaways: premiums have been around forever because they work. A pen, coffee mug, umbrella, t-shirt, fly swatter, etc. with your name and contact info keeps you in mind. Make the items match or fit your business somehow.
  9. Newsletters: offer timely advice to customers and prospects via electronic or printed newsletters. Family Dog Central gets a HUGE click through rate on their monthly dog info E-newsletter.
  10. Donations: make monetary, merchandise or even service time donations to local charities, PTAs, groups etc. Even if it's just the use of your facilities, the attendees who meet at your restaurant or club remember your generosity, and typically return to spend money.
The best thing about promotions is they're limited only to your company's imagination. Try them out and let us know how they work for your business! Inspired 2 Design, LLC