Customer Service - except, or exceptional?

The Southeast Cherokee Business Network (SECBN) had a guest speaker this week, Dave Daily, from The Kindness Revolution… Sounds kinda funny, that twenty-five or so local business owners and representatives would need to hear someone come in and talk about kindness, but that’s what we did and hopefully it at least opened some eyeballs, and some minds to the possibilities…

The Kindness Revolution is a movement, and a non-profit, looking to bring values back in communities by reaching schoolchildren via local business leaders. By values, they mean basic dignity, respect, courtesy and kindness. At the heart of all of this is a book by the same name written by a gentleman named Ed Horrell, who’s taught companies big and small how to provide phenomenal customer service.

How interesting it is to see core values tied to customer service directly. I mean, most companies have a mission statement (or should), but how many write down a few sentences filled with great buzz words and intentions, but close the business plan folder and that’s where the mission stays?  This new revolution brings that statement to mind, and asks companies to make their mission a company culture. It asks business owners to communicate, train and treat their employees the way they want their customers treated, and it asks business leaders to share their successes with kids.

What a no-brainer! So, if you’re one of those companies who has a great mission statement written down that no one in the company can repeat, no one in the business practices, and the owners/managers/leaders don’t illustrate and demonstrate daily to their employees, and ultimately to their customers, then you’ve got some revolutionizing to do under your own roof.

One thing to keep in mind…. in today’s economy, what’s one thing many businesses (and individuals) are all doing… they’re saving. They’re conserving, and they’re watching spending.  And what’s one thing that you can do in your business that’s absolutely, positively FREE? It’s providing outstanding, over the top, totally blow-them-away, can’t believe they did that for me, I’ve got to tell everyone I know and Tweet it too… SERVICE.

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