The Four Rules of Communication

Effective communication is governed by four rules. People hear, learn and remember based on these rules in everyday conversation, in educational environments, in sales presentations, and especially in Advertising and Marketing. Here they are:

The rule of Frequency - the more often something is seen, the more memorable it is. How many times did you drill your multiplication tables as a kid?

The rule of Primary - the first thing that's seen or heard is remembered. The power of a first impression is well...powerful!

The rule of Recency - the last thing that's seen or heard is remembered. People often wonder..."What have you done for me lately?"

The rule of Emotion - strike a chord with the audience's feelings, and you're more likely to make the sale. Buying decisions are more often based on feelings and emotions than logic or facts.

Successful marketers remember these rules and use them in planning and implementing a promotion plan and advertising. Inspired 2 Design, LLC