Ever wonder how people can post advertising about their business with misspellings? Spell check is a fast and easy way to look professional with everything you do to promote your company - and these days, there's really no excuse to publish anything (marketing, advertising, news, correspondence and emails, newsletters...etc) with errors.

Today I looked over some websites for new contacts I'd met, and was surprised to see at least one typo on 4 out of 5 of the sites. That's not to mention how many did not have their sites optimized for the search engines - but that's another post. Remember Marketing 101!

EVERYTHING you put out there in the public eye is under scrutiny and represents the quality of your product and service, and the overall brand identity of your company. Effective advertising requires good grammar, correct spelling and clean, readable materials for your clients and prospective customers. The good news for these businesses is that online website errors are quick and easy to fix.

Printed errors and typos on your marketing materials can become very costly - very quickly. Take the extra time to review the words, read the copy aloud, ask someone else to read the work, and please SPELL CHECK. Your business and your customers deserve well-written, mistake-free information.

Inspired 2 Design, LLC