I2D Update

Just a quick note to say that it's been a busy couple of weeks. The good news is that lots of companies are really looking at their marketing strategies and contacting us for help with keeping their businesses selling in these tough times.

Sure the news is scary, but folks, don't believe everything you read! There are still buyers out there, still folks working and still money to spend. The mistake many small business owners make is that they fall into one of two traps, either 1. Playing the wait and see game while the competition takes advantage, or 2. Making drastic changes in their marketing.

Keep in mind that:
1. As companies cut marketing budgets, there opens a door for new entries into areas where smaller businesses couldn't afford to compete.
2. As ad budgets shrink, your marketing becomes more visible as the playing field thins out.
3. Companies that are advertising are seen as solid (why else would you spend money on marketing?).

Remember that not all marketing costs big bucks, or even any bucks. For more ideas, contact Inspired 2 Design to schedule a consultation appointment. On another note: the SubBranding topic is not closed... will get back to it soon!