Marketing through Customer Service

Have you ever ordered something online? Have you ever ordered something online and had a great experience? Have you ever ordered something online and then wish you hadn't? Recently we placed a couple of online orders for items that are fairly unique. They're not items you can run out to Target or Staples to pick up, so we went with the online approach. Unfortunately, our usual online sources didn't stock these products either, so we went to some obscure websites and placed orders.

Interestingly enough BOTH sites were using Google Adwords to market their website. My only question is WHY? If you have a business, and you don't plan to EVER ship any of the items you advertise to the customers who order them, why in the world would you spend money to a) develop a website, and b) market that website via a PAY per Click service or any other marketing tool that actually costs money or time?? Far be it to me to vent about the TOTAL lack of response to Email after Email requesting shipping info, or even to expect someone (or something) to pick up the phone when it rings 42 times at your advertised business location.

I guess from a marketing point of view, here's the bottom line.Advertising works. So, if you're going to advertise, make sure you can deliver. Otherwise you're just advertising how awful your company's customer service is. And there's no faster way to lose business. (I won't even get into the Feedback Forums and Review sites out there). If you have a company and want to make money at your business, then advertise AND deliver. Bad news ALWAYS spreads faster than good news. Don't pay to market poor service, and don't shop at or

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