Becoming an Expert

Today we heard from Family Dog Central that they've been contacted by the Publix Supermarket lifestyle magazine for an interview as an EXPERT in dog care. The article being written is about what to do if your dog ever gets lost. What GREAT publicity! What GREAT FREE publicity.

This is just the type of thing we tell our clients to go after, and FDC has done it! Here's how:

1. WRITE articles. Even if you HATE to write, you have to begin putting your knowledge down on paper and submit your articles to local papers, news and lifestyle magazines, local community advertising magazines and so forth.

2. POST articles on your website, and on article sites online. Find the most reputable and the most popular ones, and include links back to your site in your bio.

3. ISSUE Press Releases! You'd be surprised what is newsworthy about your business. Issue Press Releases every month or at the very least, once per quarter. Find out who to address you release to at the local papers, trade magazines, etc and personalize them.

4. POST your PR on your website, and make the info easy for the media to access and download.

Free publicity is the very best you can have, ESPECIALLY when you're cited as an expert in your field. This opportunity is fantastic for Family Dog Central, as it adds a level of credibility that no advertising in the world can get, no matter how much you spend.

Become an expert and flaunt it! Make sure when you're cited as a source in an article that you post that article on your site, and ask - always ask - for a link from electronic news articles back to your website. Contact Inspired 2 Design for more info on Press Releases, or even article writing. We can help you with either or both!