Is it time to take a marketing inventory?

When is it a good time to take an inventory of your current marketing strategies and formulate a plan for the future? Well, there are a few important milestones to consider:

1. Are you just thinking about starting a business?
Great time to meet with a marketing adviser to discuss how to identify the Ps – product, price, position, promotion.

2. Are you getting started with your business?
Fabulous time to meet with a marketing adviser to discuss your plan and get professional input on options you may not have thought about.

3. Have you reached a threshold with your sales?
Now is a perfect time to meet with a marketing adviser to review where you’ve gone with your marketing and where you are going.

4. Are you ready to grow your business?
Excellent time to examine your current marketing, and future marketing with a pro.

5. Do you want to stay in business?
Anyone who wants to continue to draw in customers and complete sales needs to review their marketing plan at least ever 6 months.

Basically, every business needs to do a periodic evaluation of their marketing, advertising and promotional efforts. To review your marketing efforts, call Inspired 2 Design for a consultation.