Blog Comment Etiquette

There are common-sensical ground rules that blog commentators should follow when visiting other peoples' blogs and leaving comments.

keyboard-300x300Blogging is a commitment and a sacrifice, but it can be well worth it for the value it brings to both the reader and the blogger. Additional value can be unearthed by readers and subscribers posting comments about the blog posts. There are, however, common-sensical ground rules or blog commenting etiquette standards that commentators should follow - at least when commenting here on Inspired 2 Design's Advertising and Marketing blog.

1. Be relevant Make your comments meaningful. Please don't blow wind up our skirts by telling us what a great post we did and then move on. If you want to pay a compliment, give us a call. The blog commenting area is for continuation of the topic, respectful challenges to the topic, additions and observations, links to additional sources and truly useful content. If you have nothing to say... you have nothing to say. Leave it that way.

2. Be Correct Run through your comment and spell check. Check your grammar, reread to insure the thought is understandable, and please keep the tone businesslike. There's nothing that brings both your brand down faster than comments filled with typos and foulness. Remember, once you post, it's public.

3. Don't be a Know-it-All No one likes a pompous person. Politeness is valuable. If you're an expert, that's great, share your expertise... just be humble about it and back up your knowledge with relevant links.

4. Comment Areas are NOT Billboards Don't leave links to your company's website home page in the midst of your comment. Don't say "Hey, Look at Me! I do ..." Make your content sing your praises. This type of commenting will result in an edited comment or a deleted one. Links to relevant information are welcome. Signature links are permitted. Self promotion on our bandwidth is frowned-upon. Want to promote yourself? Start a blog, or offer to write a guest post on someone else's blog. Coming to the party empty-handed each time will result in a shortage of invitations for you at some point soon!

5. Respect Rules 1-4 If you're visiting a blog, think of it as just that, visiting. Leave the place the same, or better, than it was when you found it. Or... find another place to visit. Offering opinions and information via Blogging takes time and effort. Commenting for true discussion and relationship building is easy as 1,2,3,4,5!

Inspired 2 Design welcomes relevant, thought-provoking business oriented comments on our blog.