SEO – Search Engine Optimization 2.0b

Continuing on the topic of SEO, one question we hear often is, "How often should I add content to my website?". You should be adding fresh and relevant content as often as you can, in fact, weekly is not too often. The search engine spiders will crawl your site more often if they see additional content being added on a regular basis.

The more they crawl, the more you'll want them to see new content that's relevant to your site's existing content and meta-tags. If weekly isn't an option, the best recommendation would be to add new content monthly. Your content should be text in nature, be at least 2-3 sentences, placed near the top of the page, and should include your primary keywords or phrase. Here are some ideas for finding something to say:

  • Write an article a week pertaining to your business
  • Write news briefs about your company or industry
  • Add events to an events calendar on your site
  • Add photos with ALT tags if all else fails
  • Add an RSS feed from a reputable, relevant source
  • Write your own RSS feed (this option has added benefits we'll cover another time)

There are certainly tons of other ways to get new content together for your website. Reusing content from your company's monthly newsletter is another great idea. Whatever method you choose to employ, one tip we've found useful is to write ahead. That way if you're going on vacation or just need to take a break, you'll have some content waiting in the wings. Fresh, relevant content is an important part of your total SEO marketing plan.

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