Free Press is Priceless

Folks, if you are in business, and NOT in a dynamic networking group like SECBN, you are not doing justice to your marketing. We'll talk more about word of mouth and referral marketing in the weeks to come, but let me tell you, there are groups out there that can boost your business, if you choose wisely, and make the commitment to get involved. Check out the story and big photo below from today's Cherokee Tribune newspaper.

Special thanks to Pat Bowen from Let's Get Ready for Tomorrow for writing the story, taking the photo and sending out the press releases for SECBN, and to Jules Leni from Keller Williams for his endless support.  For more information on the Southeast Cherokee Business Network, visit their website or call us at Inspired 2 Design 770-781-3452.

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There's No Business like eBusiness

Huh? eBusiness?

Simply put, eBusiness is the utilization of the internet to raise awareness about your company and push prospects closer to buying from you. Whereas eCommerce refers to completing a sale of a product or service online, eBusiness is used by service professionals to save time and money converting prospects into clients.

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Choosing the right website design company

Would you buy a car based soley on cost? How about a house? How about your business location, office or storefront? While price is a driving factor in many of the buying decisions we make each and every day, when it comes to what's really important - your home, transportation, and livelihood - we tend to put price where it belongs...on the list of secondary considerations.  The deal makers, or breakers, for big decisions tend to include quality, reliability, availability, ROI, and personal preference.

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