Is your website a winner? Use this 15-point Checklist to find out

What are the elements of a successful website? If you do it yourself, how would you know what to include or how to make the most of this ever-growing and expanding marketing medium - the Internet? If you hire a website designer, how do you check to make sure that what they're doing is in your best interests? Use this checklist to check your website for success:

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Information Superhighway

For anyone not utilizing the Internet for information gathering, shame on you! There is literally a world of information, data, facts, figures, and answers as close as a click. One of the most recent additions to our sources has been podcasts. Who would have known there’s so many folks using them as a means to market a book, a company, a website, a service, but also as a means of labeling themselves as an expert in some field.

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How to do a GRAND opening

A grand opening should be just that… GRAND. It’s not your soft opening, it’s not your reception party, it’s your coming out party! It’s your first chance at really shining in your business. Here are some thoughts:

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