5 BIG Mistakes for your Business Blog

Blogging is a super productive tool for your business. Studies show that websites with blogs generate 55% MORE TRAFFIC than those that do not blog. Also, you're giving yourself so many marketing opportunities by utilizing a blog on your website, that it's really the BIGGEST MISTAKE NOT TO HAVE A BLOG AT ALL! But after we fix that (call I2D for help), watch out for these 5 blogging pitfalls:

1. NOT integrating your blog on your website domain. Even worse... hosting your blog on Wordpress or Blogger.com
WHY? SEO impact, lost branding opportunity, redirection/visitor loss

2. Self-talk All-Day Long
WHY? Readers are looking for information and opportunities to interact, if it's all about you, they'll quickly lose interest. Define your blog's purpose, and focus on what your audience/prospects want.

3. Erratica...
WHY? The more you blog, the more traffic you generate, and the more traffic, the more leads. According to HubSpot, 57% of companies that publish a business blog have acquired a customer from a blog-generated lead. I know we have...so what's stopping you? Get organized, plan ahead and stick with the plan so you can publish often and regularly!

4. Same 'O, Same 'O
Why? BORING! Spice up your blog posts with articles yes, but add Q&A, FAQs, guests, interviews, cartoons, infographics, statistics, reviews, audio/video content.... mix it up a little!

5. Failure to Launch...Optimization Tools
WHY? Missing the SEO Opportunity! Your blog is fodder for the search engines. So... get your keywords in order, and get cracking!

If you have questions on how to integrate, research, plan, write, or optimize a blog for your business. Call Inspired 2 Design in Canton, Georgia, we're marketing experts whose main goal is the success of our small business clients across the U.S.